Automating Retail and F&B Operations

Leave the nitty gritty to us, so you can focus on the bigger wins.

Ever found yourself having to repeat the same mundane procedures and repetitive tasks to your team, thus not having enough time for the real stuff?

Allow DayOne to work for you quietly in the background so you can spend less time on training and more time on sales.

Why Day One?

Because there’s no reason why employees cannot be trained within a day.

We have been told that employers spend up to a month in staff training in person, and we’re here to change that.


Easy automation for busy people.

Do first day orientations digitally from now on. Send your new employees all the necessary documents they need to read - your HR policies, your sales policies, your customers policies. Generate a quiz so you know they have read it all. Get the paperwork out of the way.

The Team Member That Knows Everything

New staff, same old questions. Why answer the same questions over and over again?

DayOne is the ONE team member you need at your workplace to link your entire team together and all these processes together, to help you automate your workflow to be more productive without even knowing it.

This dedicated team member will answer all staff enquiries for you. Our state of the art machine learning technology is able to identify synonyms and intent so FAQs can be asked many different ways.

Knowledge Repository

Go wild on staff training - staff etiquette, product knowledge, marketing campaigns. Get every staff updated on the latest updates. Know which staff has watched and read the materials via your analytics dashboard.

Automate your operations today

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