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DayOne is made for businesses hiring

DayOne allows to-dos and daily checklists to be tracked remotely.
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"DayOne helps to streamline our processes and increases the productivity of our team"
Retail and F&B space

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Train, Inform, Assign - your entire business' day-to-day operations at your fingertips. Digitize your SOP manual. Inform everyone on the company updates. Assign urgent tasks to staff on shift.

100% flexibility in running your business

We allow part timers, full timers, supervisors, business owners and office department heads to come together to make offline operations efficient.

We’re unique because:
  • Real time notifications
  • Create task templates
  • Embed any additional info (videos, pdfs)
  • Offer rewards for hard tasks
  • Transcribe your voice messages
  • Deep analytics

Supercharge your employee productivity

Our dashboard allows you to oversee your team's know-how and competencies, cross-deploy employees and run your operations remotely.

Some other cool stuff DayOne will help you with:
  • Send annoucements out anytime
  • Employee profile of tasks done weekly
  • See all pending and done tasks
  • Inform everyone when there are new policies and promotions
  • Prioritize time sensitive jobs
  • Send reminders anytime

Achieve more with less

Every staff can now be kept up to date on the latest company announcements and get immediate feedback on their work done.

We make employees




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